Sandhopper electric motorized beach sand wagon cart Florida

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Encore L'Amore Events


Rob McDowell uses his Sandhopper to move 40+ wooden chairs to set up for his beach wedding business. According to Rob, business is so good he'll need another wagon next year!

Super Custom Sandhopper!


Liston in Richmond really knows how to have fun! This Sandhopper is pimped out and ready to tailgate! 

Soggy Dollar Ice Cream


Robert in Virginia Beach loves his Sandhopper with its larger 35Ah battery providing up to 8 miles of service while loaded with hundreds of pounds of dry ice, ice cream and popsicles! 

Bear loves his Sandhopper!


Bear (Grand-dog) loves his Sandhopper wagon too, or at least that's what the grandkids tell me!


The Jacobsen family use their red Sandhopper to not only show support for UGA but also to move tons of gear to the beach!

Jacobsen Family - Go Dogs!


According to Dad, he spent years pulling a modified beach cart and dreading every minute! Now, all I do is turn the key and steer!


OK, that's a  lot of gear......I mean a lot of gear....about 6' high!

The Ultimate Fishing Cart!!


For years Murray made his own Fishing cart but he said pulling it was impossible! Then as luck would have it, Murray discovered the Sandhopper electric beach wagon! Murray says he can now take all his gear and Sandhopper does all the work!

A fisherman's life!

And who wouldn’t want to go surf fishing in a beautiful place like Destin Beach!

With a range of 4 -5 miles he can easily go to where the fish are biting! Who wouldn’t want to go surf fishing in a beautiful place like one of Murray's favorites, Destin, Florida!

Wine Wagon!


Venteux Vineyards, California

Do you have any idea how much a barrel of wine weighs? Well, according to the folks at Venteux Vineyards, it is more than you would ever want to try to carry! Of course, if you were planning to roll the barrel, it wouldn’t be that bad, but any other means is almost impossible! That’s where the “Wine Wagon” has saved the day! Our friends at Venteux say that their Sandhopper allows them to now move barrels, wine cases and wine dogs with ease!

Riley gets a beach wagon!


Riley was only 4 months old when Jonathan and Jennifer adopted her from a local rescue group.. Jonathan and Jennifer love to travel, hike and spend time at the beach. Riley went on all of their journeys.  Then in 2016, Riley began to show the early signs of Degenerative Myelopathy. Over the next 6 months her hind legs slowly became paralyzed. DM is a progressive disease of the spinal cord that paralyzes a dog’s hind limbs, then travels to the front limbs and ultimately attacks major organs. “Watching her lose her ability to walk was heartbreaking” said Jonathan. We always said when she’s done walking we have to put her down. Then a YouTube video changed our mind. We chose to keep fighting; her mind and upper body were normal.  Jonathan explained that one day he randomly met Joe, the electric cart maker. Joe lives in LA and manufactures the Sandhopper beach wagon.  His electric cart is typically purchased by people who need a motorized cart for hauling around beach gear. When Joe heard that Jonathan wanted one for Riley, he jumped at the chance to get the paralyzed dog mobile again. Joe outfitted Riley’s cart so it can travel 5+ miles without needing a recharge. He installed a spot light for nighttime walks and added features to keep Riley safe on all terrains. “She instantly loved it,” said Jonathan.. Riley goes to the beach, hiking and anywhere we go. This cart has given us all our freedom.

The Warren family of Tybee Island, Georgia



Did someone say flags! I see at least 4 and they are big Ines!! How cool is this? The Warrens of Tybee Island certainly know how to have fun! And those are really big coolers to go with those flags!

The Ryan family ordered their Sandhopper just in time for their vacation in Kiawah Island



That's a lot of gear and there's room to spare!