Sandhopper electric motorized beach wagon cart

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is it and how does it work?

Sandhopper is the ultimate self-propelled wagon. Simply hold the controller in your hand and as you depress the thumb switch, walk in front of the wagon steering and controlling its direction and speed. Sandhopper can handle the sand with ease, providing you with 3 to 4 miles of range when fully charged. It is capable of holding hundreds of pounds of gear. The smart controller is programmable and allows you variable speed control so your beach wagon will follow you at your desired pace.  With our standard battery gauge meter, you'll always know how much charge is left.  Additionally you may add a more powerful controller for hill climbing with large loads.

Who is it for?

Beach lovers, surfers, stand up paddle boarders, kite boarders and kayakers to name a few. Surf Fishermen absolutely love the ability to carry all the gear they need and to still have the ability to move a few miles up or down the beach, away from the crowds. Hunters appreciate the capability and capacity of Sandhopper. Plus it leaves no exhaust scent like gas powered ATV's, it's quiet as a mouse, and with the standard turf tires, you can carry hundreds of pounds of gear or game!

Will my Sandhopper hold up to the harsh conditions of the beach?

Sandhopper's all aluminum construction will stand up to the harsh environment of the beach for years and years! The cart is proudly built in the USA and protected by powder coated paint electrostaticly applied and cured at over 400 degrees resulting in one of the most durable finishes available for virtually any type of metal. We use Nickel Plated nuts and bolts for added corrosion resistance and the .080 gauge aluminum deck is meant to be durable yet flexible as you bounce along the sand with your beach bound cargo. Your kids will be raising their hands some day to say, "Pass the Sandhopper on to me!'


Is my Sandhopper safe?

Sandhopper borrows technology from the Mobility Industry - makers of scooters and carts for the elderly and disabled, so you know it has to be safe! You control the speed and direction of the Sandhopper. Additional safety features include: automatic shutdown of power to the controller when the key is inadvertently left on, saving battery power but more importantly ensuring no one inadvertently can use the wagon just by walking up and touching the controls. 

What size would be best for me?

We offer many sizes, however these four are the most popular for beach families! Our smallest wagon is 20" x 40" and holds 2 to 4 chairs, an umbrella, soft cooler and towels.  With accessories such as side hooks and / or the cooler tray this wagon will hold even more!  With up to 200+ pounds of capacity this wagon may be our smallest, but it has all the technology of our larger wagons.

Our most popular Sandhopper is the 24" x 48" size that can hold 6 to 8 chairs, 2 or 3 umbrellas, a soft cooler, towels, boogie board or other beach toys. Add either the cooler tray or the side hooks and you can significantly increase the capacity.   With the side hooks you can carry umbrellas, bogie boards and a small surfboard - all at the same time! Use it to easily carry a 10' x 10' pop up tent which can weight upwards of 50 pounds. With the optional Surf Rack system take as many as three surfboards or an SUP or kayak!

Our two large wagons are the most practical. You'll never run out of gear, so why not get a wagon that offers plenty of cargo space! The great thing about the 30" x 48" wagon is that it takes up the same amount of room in your garage as our 24" x 48" wagon. That's because the widest point on the wagon is located at the wheels and those are the same on each model. So, with the 30" x 48" model you'll get extra carrying capacity without taking any additional room in your garage!

Our 30" x 54" isn't really all that large in terms of its footprint. Because the widest point on the wagon is at the wheels, this wagon is only 2" wider and 14" longer than our smallest wagon. Yet it has a much larger deck and as a result can carry gear for a big day at the beach for multiple families!

What about a warranty?

Absolutlely!  Sandhopper is covered by a six month manufacturer's warranty with the exception of the battery and tires which each carry their own separate warranties from the manufacturer.

Standard Features and Specifications




Standard Color is sand for all model sizes. Add $99 for optional colors such as red, blue or teal. Custom colors available for $159,  please call or email with your request. 




Every Sandhopper comes with a single style railing (vertical pieces are a natural   finish and horizontal pieces are black powder coat). The single style stands 10" from the deck.  Substitute a double railing that stands 17" from the deck for additional security of your cargo. Or purchase the Surf Rack accessory capable of carrying multiple surfboards or a SUP. This system stands a total of 30" above the deck.




All models come with a 20Ah battery standard. an optional 35Ah ($255) battery provides greater range when ascending hills and carrying larger loads for greater distances.


Standard Specifications


The standard controller for all wagons is a 90 AMP smart controller. If you plan to take your Sandhopper to a more rugged terrain including hills or sand dunes and you will be carrying significant loads (150 pounds or more) order the optional 160 AMP controller ($265).


Standard Specifications

Standard Specifications

Standard tires for all the various size wagons are the 15" tubeless turf tires. These are not recommended for the sand however. Optional tires include the Wheeleez® 30cm (12") balloon tire and the larger 42cm (16") Wheeleez® tires. The benefit of largest tires is a greater carrying capacity. See photos under accessories. 

Standard Specifications

Standard Specifications

Standard Specifications

The wagons widest point for decks up to 34" wide, is the distance between the Wheeleez wheels at the axle which measures 34" wide. This assumes the larger 16" Wheeleez tires. If you have the smaller 12" Wheeleez tires the width is 33 1/2".  For carts with decks wider than 34", the deck width becomes the total width of the cart. Total length for the 20" x 40" is 46" and 30" high when the steering controller is folded back against the deck as far as it will go (assuming the font railing has been removed). This low clearance helps the wagon fit into the rear cargo area of some SUV's or minivans! For the 24" x 48" the length is 56" and 33" high with the steering controller folded back against the deck as far as it will go. This assumes the larger 16" Wheeleez tires. The height would be about 30" with the smaller 12" Wheeleez tires.  For the 30" x 54" the length is 62" and 44" high with the steering controller folded back against the deck as far as it will go. This assumes the larger 16" Wheeleez.

For the 34" x 60", the length is 62" and 44" high with the steering controller folded back against the deck as far as it will go. This assumes the larger 16" Wheeleez tires. 

 Weight: 20" x 40" is 110 pounds, the 24" x 48" is 125 pounds, the 30" x 54" is 130  pounds and the 34" x 60" is 175 pounds.

Questions to consider before you purchase:

Are there stairs where you access the beach?

A Sandhopper is capable of many things but it can't climb stairs!

Are there any ordinances in your town that may apply to the use of a wheeled vehicle?

In some communities wheeled vehicles may be restricted from the beach due to Turtle nesting season. Check with your city or town to see if there are any ordinances that may apply. 

My town allows street legal golf carts in some areas - should I still get a Sandhopper?

If you're within walking distance of the beach, Sandhopper offers many advantages over a golf cart. First, street legal golf cart's start at close to $8,000 new. If parking is a challenge where you go to the beach, you'll still need a small parking place for your golf cart. And finally, once you find a parking space, you will still have to carry all your gear to the beach. Sandhopper is not only less expensive than a golf cart, but more importantly it can transport your gear from your home, right to the water's edge. 

Condos and Highrises

If you access the beach from a condo or high-rise, make sure to check the width of doors and gates. Depending on the wheels you select and / or deck size your Sandhopper may or may not fit. See the section under FAQ labeled "standard specifications" for all the measurements and weights you may need to consider.