About Sandhopper®


Sandhopper is the ultimate electric beach wagon! All you do is walk in front of the wagon, controlling its speed and direction, you know, just like the wagon you had when you were a kid, except you don't have to pull this one!  Sandhopper does all the work, easily crossing sand and gravel while fully loaded with EVERYTHING you ever wanted to take to the beach! electric beach cart wagon Sandhopper sand hopper 


You'll catch yourself saying "why didn't somebody invent this sooner!"


Built to last AND built to be safe!

Aluminum construction and stainless steel railings means your Sandhopper will never rust. A powder coated finish  assures you a durable and beautiful paint finish.  Additionally, Sandhopper borrows smart controller technology from the Mobility Industry - makers of carts and scooters for the elderly and disabled, so you know it has to be safe! 

Sandhopper in action!

You'll be amazed at how effortlessly you can move everything you need to your ideal beach location!