Sandhopper electric motorized beach sand wagon cart Florida

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Sandhopper® Pricing

All prices before VIRGINIA tax (iF APPLICABLE) and freight.

OK, now you're talking! 34" x 60"

This wagon is best suited for commercial applications such as beach weddings, beach DJ, diving companies and beach vending. The thicker gauge aluminum deck is perfect for heavier loads and commercial applications. Standard wheels are 16" Wheeleez balloon tires or turf tires. 90 Amp controller, 20 Ah battery, LED battery meter and two keys all standard. 



Umbrella holder, drink holder, flag holder!


A fantastic way to secure your umbrella without having to dig a hole half way to China! This is the Swiss army knife of accessories. We even include a bottle opener so you'll never have to use your teeth again! $69

Cooler tray - Easily add capacity to your wagon!


The cooler Tray comes in two sizes - small: 20" x 16" for our smallest 20" x 40" beach cart. Also a large tray: 24 x 18 for all larger Sandhoppers. All trays are black. $129

Surf Rack for Surfboards, SUP, Kite Boards, Kayacks,


This rack system truly enlarges your Sandhopper capacity! It substitutes for the standard single railing. The 24x48 surf rack system is $210, the 30x48 is $225 and the 30x54 is $265.

Keyless safe - lock up your phone and keys while you swim or enjoy a relaxing walk.


Just like in your hotel, enjoy knowing your valuables are secure! $89

Side Racks allow you to carry umbrellas, pop-up tents, boogie boards or surfboards


Side racks are designed to attach to the wagon deck without any screws, bolts or nuts. Once in place, carry umbrellas, boogie boards, surfboards and even 10 x 10 pop up tents with ease.  Set of 2 for $89. 

Flag Holder

Flag holder

The umbrella holder has multiple functions. So, be creative and rather than using it for an umbrella, lift your state flag or favorite sports team! Of course it's a drink holder and fishing rod holder but don't forget, the built in bottle opener is a life saver! 



Turf Tires


If you will be using hard surface roads or gravel and dirt trails, these tubeless turf tires are for you. Capable of carrying loads up to 500 pounds, these tries will provide far better traction on hard surfaces than the beach balloon style tires. They are not recommended for the beach however. With the optional decorative wheel covers you can add some bling to your wagon!! Simply select the turf tires when placing your order. These tires are included in the base price of each model.

Chrome wheel covers


Exclusively for the turf tires, these optional wheel covers will really add some bling to your Sandhopper! Set of four $40. Includes color inserts in black, red, yellow or orange 

Two size Wheeleez® beach balloon tires!


The Wheeleez® come in two sizes; 12" and 16" wheels. The larger wheels (additional $200) are recommended for the larger wagons and  provide better traction, comfort and capacity.

Side Rail systems


A single side rail system is standard. It stands about 10" off the deck. The optional double rail system stands about 17" off the deck. When purchasing the optional double rail system the buyer receivers a credit for the single rails. 20x40 double rails $119, 24x48 double rails $169, 30x48 double rails $189 and 30x54 double rails $204.

Twin USB port to charge your phone!


Your at the beach but your phone battery is dead! With these 2 USB ports you can charge two devices simultaneously. $59 charging cord not included.


Steel Front Spindles

The standard front spindles are aluminum. For commercial use ir just for carrying heavy loads on a regular basis, we recommend steel spindles. $125 per set of two.

Seats for kids!


These seats are perfect for little ones . Add seat belts as an option and you'll have the perfect beach buggy! Seats are aluminum and powder coated in black. $75 each. $10 seat belt. 

160 Amp Controller


If you regularly carry more than 150 pounds of gear and also traverse any hills or sand dunes, this larger controller will be add performance to your wagon. $299.

Trailer hitch carrying system


Now you can easily transport your Sandhopper using your trailer hitch receiver on your car, SUV or minivan. For all wagons up to 54" in length.  $399 (Not compatible with keyless safe or umbrella mount.)

Standard Features and Specifications


Standard Color is sand for all model sizes. Add $79 for optional colors such as red, blue or teal (teal currently only available in 24 x 48). Custom colors may be available seasonally for $199,  please call or email with your request. 


Every Sandhopper comes with a single style railing (vertical pieces are a natural  finish and horizontal pieces are black powder coat). The single style stands 10" from the deck.  Substitute a double railing that stands 17" from the deck for additional security of your cargo. Or purchase the Surf Rack accessory capable of carrying multiple surfboards or a SUP. This system stands a total of 30" above the deck.


All models come with a 20Ah battery standard. An optional 35Ah ($349) battery provides greater range when ascending hills and carrying larger loads for greater distances.


The standard controller for all wagons is a 90 AMP smart controller. If you plan to take your Sandhopper to a more rugged terrain including hills and you will be carrying significant loads (150 pounds or more) order the optional 160 AMP controller ($299).


Standard tires for all the various size wagons are the 15" tubeless turf tires. These are not recommended for the sand however. Optional tires include the Wheeleez® 30cm (12") balloon tire and the larger 42cm (16") Wheeleez® balloon tires. The benefit of largest tires is a greater carrying capacity. See photos 

Standard Specifications

The wagons widest point for decks up to 34" wide, is the distance between the Wheeleez wheels at the axle which measures 34" wide. This assumes the larger 16" Wheeleez tires. If you have the smaller 12" Wheeleez tires the width is 33 1/2".  For carts with decks wider than 34", the deck width becomes the total width of the cart. Total length for the 20" x 40" is 46" and 30" high when the steering controller is folded back against the deck as far as it will go (assuming the font gate has been removed. This low clearance helps the wagon fit into the rear cargo area of some SUV's or minivans! For the 24" x 48" the length is 56" and 33" high with the steering controller folded back against the deck as far as it will go. This assumes the larger 16" Wheeleez tires. The height would be about 30" with the smaller 12" Wheeleez tires.  For the 30" x 54" the length is 62" and 44" high with the steering controller folded back against the deck as far as it will go. This assumes the larger 16" Wheeleez.

 Weight without railings: 20" x 40" is 110 pounds, the 24" x 48" is 120 pounds, the 30" x 48" is 125 pounds and the 30" x 54" is 130 pounds.

Questions to consider before you purchase:

Are there stairs where you access the beach?

A Sandhopper is capable of many things but it can't climb stairs!

Are there any ordinances in your town that may apply to the use of a wheeled vehicle?

In some communities wheeled vehicles may be restricted from the beach due to Turtle nesting season. Check with your city or town to see if there are any ordinances that may apply. 

My town allows street legal golf carts in some areas - should I still get a Sandhopper?

If you're within walking distance of the beach, Sandhopper offers many advantages over a golf cart. First, street legal golf cart's start at close to $8,000 new. If parking is a challenge where you go to the beach, you'll still need a small parking place for your golf cart. And finally, once you find a parking space, you will still have to carry all your gear to the beach. Sandhopper is not only less expensive than a golf cart, but more importantly it can transport your gear from your home, right to the water's edge. 

Ordering your Sandhopper - It's easy!


Your Sandhopper will arrive at your home fully assembled and ready to use. Shipping charges along the East Coast average $300 and include extensive packaging, using a premium carrier and a lift gate service to deliver your well protected beach wagon to your home.  Virginia is a set fee of $100. Upon receipt of your order we will contact you with an exact shipping amount and reconcile accordingly.  In the unlikely event that we don't have your model in stock, we will contact you with a delivery time. You are under no obligation to purchase should that wait seem unacceptably long.  Please allow 5 to 7 days for most order processing.  Fulfillment time may vary based on the time of year. Add an additional 5 to 7 days for shipping. These are estimates and generally we are able to fulfill orders much more quickly than these time frames.

Purchase Sandhopper here - or use this feature to configure what you may or may not want on your wagon - no need to worry, you can price your wagon and options without paying - simply delete your selections if you aren't ready to purchase.